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  • 1440:

    Johannes Gutenberg invents the printing press

  • 1501:

    The first italic font surfaces

  • 1798:

    The first version of Bodoni is released

  • 1800:

    Sans serif fonts are introduced

  • 1885:

    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

  • 1926:

    Gill Sans designed by Eric Gill

  • 1927:

    Creation of Futura begins

  • 1957:

    Helvetica is born

  • 1994:

    Comic Sans is designed for Microsoft

  • 1994:

    Playfair Display is released

  • 2011:

    Roboto is added to Google Fonts

  • 2011:

    Google commissions the creation of Open Sans

  • 1927:

    Google releases an open source version of EB Garamond

  • 2014:

    Josefin Sans is released